Ask any of the local residents across Greater Amboseli what the biggest conservation-related benefit is to them, and one of the first things you will hear is education. 

While school fees in Kenya are subsidized, it is not free, and may families struggle to pay the fees. To help, Big Life offers both long-term and short-term scholarship support to local students at all levels, helps to fund teachers' salaries, supports school infrastructure projects, and facilitates conservation-specific curriculum in area schools. 

Since 2022, we have also helped to provide school lunches to ensure students receive at least one nutritious meal a day in light of recent droughts. 

  • We currently sponsor 461 students with long-term scholarships, 179 boys and 282 girls.
  • We currently pay the salaries for 7 teachers.

To sponsor a student or teacher, please donate.

  • $200 covers the tuition for one elementary or middle school student for one academic year.
  • $800 covers the tuition and boarding for one high school student for the academic year.
  • $2,000 is the average tuition needed for one year at a local university.
  • $3,300 is the salary for one teacher for one academic year.


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