Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

While living near charismatic megafauna might sound like a dream to most wildlife enthusiasts, reality often paints a much differen picture. Whether it's elephants raiding their crops or lions preying on their livestock at night, the local Maasai community is often at great personal risk of injury or even death living in close proximity to wildlife populations. 

As a result, in order for the local community to support conservation, conservation must also support the local community, and that means mitigating the impact of human-wildlife conflict whenever possible. 

Big Life deploys ranger teams to move elephants away from farms and has erected crop-protection fencing to keep both elephants and farmers safe. We also implement predator protection initiatives to offset the impacts of living with apex predators. 

These measures mean that both the elephant and predator populations of Greater Amboseli are thriving at the same time that local attitudes towards wildlife have improved. 

Our human-wildlife conflict mitigation programs include: