Elephants Walking Through Grass, Amboseli 2008. Leading Matriarch Killed By Poachers, 2009


Big Life Rangers with tusks killed at the hands of man, Amboseli 2011


Big Life was co-founded by photographer Nick Brandt and award-winning conservationist Richard Bonham in September 2010.

Since its inception, Big Life has expanded to employ hundreds of Maasai rangers—with more than 40 permanent outposts and tent-based field units, 13 vehicles, tracker dogs, and aerial surveillance—protecting 2 million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem of East Africa.

Big Life was the first organization in East Africa to establish coordinated cross-border anti-poaching operations.

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Big Life Predator Compensation Fund Film (3 mins)


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We are very honored that two legends of the African conservation community, Iain Douglas-Hamilton and Cynthia Moss, have endorsed the work that Big Life is doing in the Amboseli ecosystem...

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Join the Ranger Club, our monthly giving program, at a level appropriate for you, and become a part of our community.  Your generosity will help to fund our programs throughout the year, including the seemingly never-ending work of our rangers. By joining, you support more than just our rangers, who work tirelessly to protect elephants, rhinos, lions and other animals from poaching and retaliatory killing due to human-wildlife conflict. 

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As athletes across the world start to finalise their preparations for the Rio Olympics later this year, another set of athletes is preparing for a very different Olympics…the Maasai Olympics.

2014 Film: Big Life in Action (6 mins)


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Bush Journal


There is an animal out there that eats everything. It is neither carnivore nor herbivore, and simply devours whatever lies in its path. That animal is fire, and has rocked parts of the Amboseli ecosystem over the last few days. The worst of it

Radio Room

25 October 2016

KENYA: 1 giraffe and 1 eland carcass found, bushmeat poachers took the meat and escaped to Tanzania // Lions killed 1 lost cow // Elephants and giraffe moved away from farms

23 October 2016

KENYA: 3 suspects arrested for robbery // Hartebeest carcass found, killed by snare, 2 other snares recovered // Impala died after eating pesticide covered onions

22 October 2016

KENYA: Large fire reported in Chyulu Hills National Park, rangers tried to put it out but it was too large // 2 suspects arrested for camel raiding and starting a fire // Elephants raided 1 farm // Rangers moved elephants away from other farms

21 October 2016

KENYA: Giraffe carcass found, non-human related wound on leg // Rangers assisted community members to find a lost child // Elephants raided 4 farms

20 October 2016

KENYA: Rangers arrest 1 suspect responsible for a fire set in Chyulu Hills National Park on the 19th // Elephant calf reported alone and with injuries, the vet was called and treated the calf for 4 spear wounds // Thompson gazelle fawn rescued from dogs, rangers trying to reunite it with its mother // Elephants moved away from farms