We’ve known One Ton for more than 25 years. His calm demeanor belies a celebrity status as one of Africa’s dwindling “Super Tuskers,” and it’s hard not to be moved by an encounter with this special elephant.

So we’d be lying if we said we didn’t pay special attention to his wellbeing. When he was spotted recently with a nasty wound on his neck, we wasted no time calling for a professional medical opinion.

A Kenya Wildlife Service vet unit, funded by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, was quick to respond and decided that the wound needed treatment. Based on the size and depth of the puncture, it likely resulted from sparring with another bull elephant.

This isn’t the first time this has happened - he was treated back in 2021 for a similar injury. Bull elephants will sometimes fight for dominance; such fights can be extremely violent and serious wounds are not uncommon.

We’ll continue to monitor One Ton’s recovery, but as of today, he’s looking good. Guests at Ol Donyo can expect to see him resume his reign over the local water hole, where much to everyone’s delight, he’s a frequent visitor.

Photo: Jeremy Goss
Video: Jack Bonham