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BIG LIFE 2012, the first 6 minute film from Big Life Foundation, shows the urgent poaching situation in East Africa right now, and what Big Life is doing on the ground to deal with it.

The film features animal footage shot in Amboseli in July 2012 by Nick Brandt, and interviews and action from earlier in the year with Richard Bonham, as he and the Big Life rangers pursue poachers within the East African Amboseli ecosystem where Big Life currently operates.



Big Life Stats 09-13
Big Life Arrests 09-13


First Track : Wandering Saint by L. Subramaniam
Last Track : Matawi: Killer of Men by Michael Stearns



Directed by Nick Brandt

Edited by Zen Rosenthal of General Editorial, Santa Monica, California

Animals : Nick Brandt
Poached Elephant and Giraffe Sequences : Kire Godal
Rangers & Aerials : Jimmy Greenwood

Post Production / Titles : Method Studios, Santa Monica
Sound Mix : Tom Paolantonio, Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Color Telecine : Mike Pethel, Company 3, Santa Monica

With many thanks for the generous help from all of the above Post-Production companies, and Robert Parker at General Editorial; Luke Thornton & Gerard Cantor at Believe Media, L.A; Cristina Colissimo & Jordana Glick-Franzheim at Crossover Productions.