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180913 Adlington One Ton

They say an elephant never forgets. That theory is hard to test, but we do know that elephants rely heavily on their memories for survival. They rely just as heavily on each other, and a group is sometimes referred to as a ‘memory of elephants’. And yet, within each group, elephants have individual and distinct personalities.

Which is what artist Mark Adlington has tapped into with his newest collection of works, “A Memory of Elephants.” He describes elephant conservation not in terms of declining numbers, but through an understanding of some of the magnificent individuals that make up the remaining population. 

Mark has spent hours with a number of the unique elephants that Big Life works to protect, and the results are going to be on display in a stunning exhibition that brings together drawings made in the field alongside a powerful series of oil portraits. The exhibition opens September 13th at the John Martin Gallery in London and will run through September 29th. All sales will support Big Life Foundation.

There is no substitute for meeting an elephant in person, but Mark’s artwork makes you feel like you’ve done just that.  Find the exhibition catalogue here. 

180913 2 Mark Adlington

The artist at work in Kenya

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