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Big Life Foundation Canada ("Big Life Canada") was set up in April 2012 in response to a growing number of requests from Canadians seeking to help support Big Life Foundation's work in Africa.

Big Life Canada is a sister charity to Big Life Foundation, with substantially the same objectives and philosophy. The two organizations work in a highly coordinated fashion to accelerate the building of additional anti poaching camps, to increase community education and to generally assist in the protection and preservation of wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania.

Big Life Canada will focus on establishing its anti-poaching camps in areas of highest need.  In support of that, it will be able to leverage the outstanding people, resources and infrastructure already put in place by Big Life Foundation.

Big Life Canada - Initial Project

Because Big Life Canada is new, it will initially focus on establishing one camp at a time, until funding allows activities to be ramped up. 

We have determined, after discussions with Big Life Foundation, Richard Bonham (Director of Operations in Africa) & Damian Bell (Project Manager in Tanzania), that the initial Big Life Canada project will be to establish and run a new anti-poaching base camp in Oltiseka, Kenya.

Oltiseka lies at the base of the Chyulu Hills on the south eastern boundary of Mbirikani Group Ranch and Kuku Group Ranch and is located near the Chyulu National Park in Kenya.  You can see the location on the map below. 

Currently, this area is virtually unprotected as there is only one mobile unit from the Maasailand Preservation Trust, which is only available to respond to emergency situations.  Moreover, due to poorly constructed roads and scarce water, rangers do not patrol the area for months on end, leaving wildlife vulnerable to poaching.  In 2011, many elephants were poached in this area.

Due to the lack of patrol in the area and the increase in poaching, Mbirikani Group Ranch recently made a formal request to Big Life Foundation to establish an outpost at Oltiseka. 

In addition to the killing of elephants due to human-wildlife conflict, many members of the farming community are poaching for profit; having a base camp will be a significant deterrent to this activity. The Oltiseka camp intends to provide education to community members as educating local people about the importance of preserving their wildlife is integral to a camp's success. Coordination and cooperation with local communities is also critical.  Not only is it necessary to establish trust, it will also aid in the vital exchange of information.  Moreover, this camp will employ most of its rangers from the local communities which will instill a sense of pride, commitment and devotion to the protection of local wildlife.

Although Big Life Foundation has offered resources to local rangers, who do not even have a dedicated car to cover 300,000 acres, those offers have been rejected leaving a new camp in this location as the only viable solution.  

The cost to establish the camp and maintain it for one year is approximately US $143,000.

We urgently need the funds to help establish this camp and to reverse the terrible recent upward trend in poaching, a trend that will otherwise see some of Africa's most magnificent wild animals all but wiped out in the near future.

With your help, Big Life Canada will be there, to allow the animals to flourish in peace once again.

How you can help:

  • Donate online; all donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt;
  • Volunteer with Big Life Canada;
  • Spread the word about stopping this needless slaughter and Big Life Canada's mission.

For additional information and how to get involved in Big Life Canada, contact Greg Gubitz at or call (416.624.6568).  

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