Dereck Joubert 1

Dereck Joubert is an award-winning wildlife filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, who has been filming, researching and exploring in Africa for over 30 years with his wife, Beverly Joubert. Their mission is to save the wild places of Africa and to protect the creatures that depend on them.

They are the founders of the Big Cats Initiative with National Geographic, which funds 43 grants in 18 countries for big cat conservation.

The Jouberts have received many accolades including seven Emmys, Lifetime Achievement awards, Peabody, Panda awards, World Ecology Award and an induction into the American Academy of Achievement. They were given the Presidential Order of Meritorious Service by the president of Botswana.

Dereck is CEO of Great Plains Conservation, a company that returns vast tracts of land back to nature using ‘conservation tourism’ and community upliftment programs. Through the Great Plains Foundation they find and fund projects that will rehabilitate, enhance, and save Africa’s wildlife.