Chris Sattler 1

Chris grew up in New England and always had a passion for travel and adventure. Throughout his childhood, and with fellow Big Life Foundation board member, Mike Silvestrini, he often talked about taking a trek across Africa to explore the wildlife. Chris’s career path led him into the U.S. energy markets where he had the good fortune of some early career success. Recently his career focus has turned toward solar power where he continues to develop projects throughout the US. Chris and Mike did eventually find the time to travel to Africa, and had an incredible adventure.

This experience and the desire to give back to a worthy wildlife protection cause, led him to seek the right non-profit organization to support. In his research, Chris found an interview with Nick Brandt and was immediately impressed with the Big Life organization and team. As a Board member, Chris assists with U.S.-based fundraising efforts and creating awareness around Big Life Programs. He currently lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and looks forward to his next trip to East Africa.