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From the very beginning, MPT (now merged with Big Life) realised that the future of wildlife and its habitat lay in passing as many conservation benefits to the local communities as possible. The future of wildlife and the communities that live with it is inextricably linked.

The Wildlife Scholarship Programme is therefore one way of passing such benefits. The foundation of any community is education. This is because education is economics. There is a straight path from a good school to a good job. In facilitating access to education among the youth, Big Life gives a hand up, not a handout. Education offers the best hope for the Maasai community to work themselves out of extreme poverty.

Below is just three of the hundreds of applications that we receive for scholarships. We currently have 205 students in the programme ranging from primary to university level. If you would be interested in sponsoring a student then please get in touch with our programmes manger, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Primary School

NAME: Margaret Peter Namunyak

COURSE: Class 3 in Primary School.

School: FPFK Ebenezer Junior Academy

Annual Cost: US$479

Course Duration: 8 years


Give five (5) reasons to justify that you are needy and deserve to be sponsored. 

a) I am a young parent and unsettled financially

b) My family (next of kin) are not in a good financial position to support me

c) I, the father of the daughter do not have both parents i.e. father and mother

d) The daughter’s mother is unemployed and thus faces difficulty in supporting her family including

raising fees

e) Both of the girl’s parents have no formal education and it is only the father who is in a low – paying non – skilled job.



Secondary School (high school)


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NAME: Namunyak Moses Loorimrim

COURSE: PCEA Mbirikani Girls High School




Give five (5) reasons to justify that you are needy and deserve to be sponsored. 

a) I would like to fulfil my dreams. This is by getting what I had planned to get, for example a good grade.

b) My parents are struggling to pay my fees and due to this I am forced to be absent from school when I am sent home for school fees, hence missing many lessons.

c) I am a single – parent child and being a girl in the Maasai community is a big disadvantage, as the Maasai are just waking up to the idea of sending girls to school. And if it becomes difficult to continue in school I can easily be married off....against my will. This would ruin my life.

d) I would like to be an important person in the society by bringing different changes and development through education. I would like other girls in future not to get into the situation that I am in, where they really struggle to be in school.

e) I have a serious health problem – heart disease, that is making life very difficult for me and more problems in the form of lack of school fees will just kill me.





sponsor a student 3

NAME: Daniel Kelek Kitipai

COURSE: Applied for Kenyatta University degree in bachelor of education.


RENT/YEAR: US$ 1,350



Give five (5) reasons to justify that you are needy and deserve to be sponsored. 

a) Poor family background. My father is now very old and cannot raise my university fees since he is very poor and without cows.

b) I am a single – parent person since my mother passed away in 2001 and she was of help in my education and life.

c) All my other relatives are poor and cannot offer any help and I need to better my education so that I can come back and help them.

d) I wish to acquire an education that will equip me with better skills and knowledge to provide quality and effective teaching service to members of my community.

e) University education is expensive and the fees are way too much for my father to raise.

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