180303 Lioness

Sometimes we wish they did. Lions, impressive predators as they are, often wreck havoc in the night, as is their nature.  The local Maasai keep vast numbers of livestock, which are easy prey for big cats like lions, cheetahs, and leopards. As a result, human-predator conflict is a major issue.

Today’s World Wildlife Day theme is 'Big Cats: Predators Under Threat', aiming to raise awareness about the decrease of big cat populations across the world. It’s one of our major program areas at Big Life. Healthy ecosystems rely on apex predators like lions. While they may be challenging for the local human community to coexist with, we’re finding solutions that work.

Last year, across 700,000 acres of Big Life’s area of operation, big cats killed 984 reported livestock, valued at well over $65,000. Fortunately, in collaboration with conservation partners, our predator protection programs (e.g., the Predator Compensation Fund, the Maasai Olympics, and our wildlife rangers) were able to stop ALL retaliatory killings of these cats within that area. As a result, their numbers continue to grow, as evidenced by the seven new lion cubs we have in the Chyulu Hills at the moment.

You may live across the world from Africa, but it is only with your help that Big Life is able to protect lions and all predators within the ecosystem. Please consider celebrating World Wildlife Day by making a lifesaving donation to Big Life. In doing so, you are joining the fight to ensure a future for predators under threat.