Patrolling on foot in the African bush can be a dangerous business, and some of the Big Life rangers can show you the scars to prove it. You never know what’s ahead of you, so when a giraffe stares, you stop. They have spotted something you haven’t.  

Sadly, commercial game meat poachers are targeting these gentle creatures. They are big animals, so it’s a high return on poaching investment, and the meat is sought after in certain communities.

So while giraffes are watching out for all the animals of the bush, the Big Life rangers are watching out for them. And the Kenyan courts are increasingly coming to the rescue. Our rangers recently caught five poachers who had killed a giraffe. The case has not yet gone to trial but bail has been set at roughly $8,000 per person; a fact that will hopefully make poachers think twice about killing these beautiful animals in the Amboseli ecosystem in future. 

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