150213 1 1 Predator Compensation the Proof is in the (Lion) Pride

In 2013, we posted the top photo and shared our excitement at the “coming out” of 4 new lion cubs. The photo on the bottom, from just a few weeks ago, is of the same 4 cubs, now teenagers.

Under our protection, these cubs have managed to defy all odds and survive those early years when mortality rates can be as high as 75%. 

This is particularly poignant, as it is a great example of the success of the predator compensation program we initiated 12 years ago, which has helped to bring the lions of the Amboseli ecosystem back from the brink of extinction.

The cubs’ mother, Nasoro, was last seen a few days ago showing what looked like the telltale sign of swollen teats. Hopefully, she will soon bring her next generation of cubs out to join the pride—and together, we will celebrate.

To learn more about the Big Life compensation program please visit www.biglife.org/predator-compensation