160615 1 1 Nowhere to Hide from Didi Bonnie and Clyde

You smell… Everyone does. And more importantly, everyone smells different.

That’s how Bonnie, Clyde, and Didi would find you. Working in shifts, the Big Life dog team would track you as fast as you could move on foot. Bonnie and Clyde, the new bloodhound puppies, are now eight months old and have the vigor of youth. Didi, who was originally found at a rescue shelter, has the experience and cunning of a veteran.

They’re a formidable team, and more so after returning from a few months of training with the Ol Jogi ranch dog unit. Ol Jogi has one of the best dog teams in the business, and the three Big Life dogs and their handlers soaked it all up.

The Big Life team is now back in Amboseli, and itching to test their newly polished skills on a live track. Until that happens, it’s back to daily training and exercise regimens. With huge thanks to Ol Jogi, this is now a team that poachers have even greater reason to fear.