150731 1 1 Honoring Our Rangers

Today is ‪#‎WorldRangersDay‬. We are honored and humbled by the work wildlife rangers conduct all over the world to protect nature for the benefit of all. 

Big Life employs hundreds of local Maasai rangers across the Amboseli-Kilimanjaro-Tsavo ecosystem. These rangers put their lives on the line every day they're in the field to protect their communities. They are supported by Big Life, their families, their community leaders, and a broad network of informers as they work to prevent wildlife crimes and track down poachers across the African bush. 

Right now, a team of our rangers is working with the Kenya Wildlife Servicerangers to track down those responsible for the killing of five elephants in Tsavo West National Park this week. 

You can support our rangers and the work they do by joining Big Life's Ranger Club: https://biglife.org/big-life-ranger-club

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