160811 1 1 Every Elephant is Different

7 billion people in the world, each with a personality. As few as 450,000 elephants in the world, each with a personality. And yesterday one of those elephants was in trouble.

We know him as Tofauti, which means different in Swahili, and he is a regular in Big Life’s core area. He was spotted by a staff member from Great Plains Conservation, an important local tourism partner of Big Life Foundation, and it was a depressingly familiar prognosis. A spear wound in his rear, likely delivered as he ran from a farmer’s field.

Thankfully, the ever-dependable KWS and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust vet unit was quick to respond and the elephant was darted from a helicopter, treated, and back on his feet within hours.

Today is World Elephant Day, and should be a day to reflect not only on elephants as a species, but on the fact that each one is different. Just like humans they have emotions, families and fights. Protecting these animals is a responsibility, not a choice.