by Richard Bonham 

All too often we post stories of catching poachers AFTER they have killed.

But yesterday, the Big Life rangers from our mobile unit, acting on a tip-off that some poachers were preparing to go on a hunt, raided a house at night and arrested three notorious poachers with poisoned arrows, 2 bows, and three razor sharp slashers which are used to the hamstrings of anything from a gazelle to a giraffe.

This trio of poachers have been operating in the eastern Chyulu area for years. But as it’s an area where we don¹t have a Ranger base camp, so we have always been one step behind them.

While that was going on, another team of Big Life rangers
arrested two other poachers, who had already killed 2 Dik Dik and a reedbuck.

Both groups are sharing a cell awaiting trial.