160524 1 1 Blind Baby Elephant Rescued

We don’t know how the baby elephant got separated from his mother, but being blind can’t have helped.

He was discovered wandering alone on Saturday afternoon byAmboseli Trust for Elephants(ATE), and Big Life immediately sent a team of rangers to help. 

The young elephant, only about 5 months old, was given a safe place to spend the night at the ATE camp. The following morning, the ever-reliable The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust(DSWT) flew a team down to collect the baby elephant and take him back to their orphanage in Nairobi. There, he will receive proper care and a second chance at life. 

It’s another sad case of an elephant losing his family, but we at Big Life are grateful for our partners, such as ATE and DSWT, and the work they are doing, all of which dovetails so well with our own.