Or rather, about the fence. Through your support, the first 50 km of the crop protection fence has been put to the test and so far has exceeded our expectations. In the farming areas now protected, recorded elephant crop-raiding has been reduced by over 90%. The fence is helping to ensure a more peaceful cohabitation of elephants and people - saving local farmers thousands of dollars and saving countless elephants from being speared.

However, more than ever, we need to extend the fence and build in areas that are now seeing an increase in crop raiding. Your support as we begin the next phase of construction, due to begin this quarter, is essential. Thank you, as always, for your ongoing generosity.

On a related note, American television journalist Bill Kurtis (of American Justice and Cold Case Files fame) spent time in Big Life’s area of operation and recently produced a short film on Big Life’s fence initiative.

Check it out:


Big Life Foundation_020818_Master REV from Kurtis Productions on Vimeo.