150525 1 1 Big Life a Model to Replicate

“This is not the time for glib marketing campaigns or gratuitous gloom and doom. It is the time for facts and focus.”

Above is the conclusion of an article by Jane Edge in Africa Geographic magazine, looking at the effectiveness of various elephant protection NGOs across Africa. With the future of the African elephant at stake, donors are often confused by the hundreds of NGOs proclaiming to protect elephants.

Big Life was pleased to be highlighted as an organization worth supporting: 

“With its clear agenda and focused action, Big Life is clearly a model to replicate.”

For Big Life, conservation is about communities. By supporting the local people who coexist with wildlife, sharing land and scarce resources, we work to ensure that that the benefits of conservation extend not only to animals, but to all inhabitants of the ecosystem. This gives local communities a reason to embrace our efforts as their own.

In another far-reaching article posted by Virgin Unite, Jamie Joseph uses Big Life as an example as she explores the importance of alleviating poverty “to reduce the demand and appeal of hunting some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species.” This approach, at the heart of Big Life’s philosophy, will only become more important as the human population continues to explode across the continent.