150701 1 1 An Unexpected Light
It was 1 AM, the night dark and moonless. The night shift from Osupuko base sat quietly on the observation point, staring into the black.
In the distance, a pinprick of light, a sign of human life where there should be none at so late an hour. Immediately the rangers were up and running, stumbling down the hill in the darkness.
After shaking the rest of the base awake and calling for vehicle support, they rushed to where they had seen the light. Waiting for another sign, the rangers shrunk into ambush positions at the sound of an approaching motorbike. A log slowed the bike, and the rangers moved. A poacher was arrested carrying the carcasses of three Grant’s gazelles and three dik-diks, and is now awaiting trial.
Commercial killing continues to be a threat around Amboseli as the local human population swells, but once again the Big Life rangers have sent a strong message to all poachers that no matter whether they are targeting bushmeat or ivory, the odds are stacked against them.