230127 live streamWaterholes are the beating hearts of a semi-arid ecosystem like Amboseli, and one of the most exciting places to see wildlife. They are particularly important during the ‘dry seasons’ when large numbers of animals descend on them, and incredible interactions can be observed.

Our partners at Great Plains Conservation have brought this sight to the world with a LIVE webcam at the ol Donyo Lodge waterhole. Ol Donyo Lodge is nestled on the border between the Chyulu Hills National Park and Mbirikani Group Ranch, right in the core of Big Life’s area of operation.  

The technology is amazing, but not so much as watching the variety of animals that make regular appearances including elephants, lions, giraffe, zebra, and eland. More secretive animals like caracal or striped hyena will also stop by. The more you watch, the more you’ll see. It’s almost as good as being in the hide at ol Donyo itself.

Tune in to see the animals that Big Life rangers help to protect.

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