131116 1 1 Qumquat and Family October 27 Amboseli 2012 (c) Nick Brandt

Qumquat & Family, October 27, Amboseli 2012 © Nick Brandt 

On October 27 2012, Nick Brandt took the photo above - of Qumquat, one of Amboseli’s most famous matriarchs, and her family. It was their last afternoon alive together.  

The following day, Qumquat and her two daughters, Qantina and Quaye, were gunned down by poachers. Two of the others went missing. Only the youngest calf, Quanza, is alive, rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and currently at their elephant orphanage. 

131116 1 2 Qumquat with Daughter and Granddaughter Amboseli 2012 (c) Nick Brandt

Qumquat with Daughter & Granddaughter, Amboseli 2012 © Nick Brandt 


The second photograph of Qumquat, with her daughter and granddaughter - was taken by Nick Brandt a few months earlier.

Big Life Foundation now has 315 rangers in 31 outposts across the 2 million acre Amboseli ecosystem of Kenya and Tanzania where Qumquat and her family roamed. Since Big Life began operations here three years ago, the poaching of elephants and all other animals in the patrolled areas has been dramatically reduced.  (Indeed, thanks to Big Life’s informer network, Big Life’s rangers were led to one of the long term poachers responsible for the killings of Qumquat, and, in partnership with KWS, arrested him.)

However, on this one hellish afternoon, three generations of elephants  were exterminated. But there are hundreds and hundreds of other Qumquats and sons and daughters all across the vast African ecosystem.

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