230203 elephant treatments two for twoLast week, community members reported that an adult elephant that was seen limping with a suspected injury on its foreleg near the Porini Conservancy. Big Life rangers sprang into action to locate the injured animal, alerting the SWT/KWS vet team to be prepared in the event the elephant needed treatment.

Within minutes, rangers were on the scene searching the area.  It wasn't long before they located the limping elephant. But he wasn't alone.  It turned out another elephant with him also had a painful-looking injury on its trunk. Luckily, the vet was able to successfully dart both individuals and provide treatment which will hopefully keep any infections at bay.

Both of these injuries were the result of human-wildlife conflict. Conflict incidents are on the rise as the drought worsens and the situation becomes more dire.  But these two elephants have a brighter future thanks to the swift response of the Big Life and Porini rangers and the SWT/KWS team.  We will keep an eye on these two in case any follow up treatment becomes necessary.

These images were taken during the treatment. Their unique individual ear shapes help to identify them to researchers and will us to keep tabs on them in the future. Hopefully they stay well away from area farms.

230203 elephant treatments two for two 2