220908 wildebeest and dust storm in amboseliDust devils dance on the horizon. The landscape is parched, but in Amboseli National Park water continues to pump from underground, emerging crystal-clear from springs that are fed by rain and snowmelt on Mt Kilimanjaro.

This harsh yet beautiful place is a paradox. While the springs provide unlimited drinking water, when the rains fail the surrounding grasses cannot grow, meaning little to eat. As the current drought goes on, desperate animals are grazing right into the water, trying to scrounge the last scraps of nutrition.

There is still grass in some parts of the Greater Amboseli ecosystem, far away from water sources.  Big Life already provides water for wildlife in some of these areas by supplying community boreholes with fuel, so that they can pump enough water for livestock AND for wildlife.

We are assessing how to provide water elsewhere, and grateful to all partners doing similar. As the drought gets worse, we are going to have to expand these efforts, to help key wildlife populations through these difficult times.

Thank you to all sending their support during this difficult time.

Photo: Jeremy Goss