240607 big life rangers
Illuminated by a solar lamp and small fire, the rangers of this mobile unit cut lonely figures in the wilderness. They are far from home, and evening hours provide a chance to wind down, eat supper, and call family members after a long day in the bush.

Most of Big Life’s rangers are stationed across 32 permanent bases in strategic locations, but with an operating area the size of Delaware, it’s impossible to cover it all from fixed stations.

To solve this problem, we have 11 mobile units that can be moved around to areas that need attention, 6 of which are vehicle-based for rapid responses. The teams are equipped with everything needed to spend long periods in remote areas, and their targeted deployment means that they respond to a disproportionately high number of incidents.

Despite numbering only 6 of 46 total units, in 2023 our vehicle-based mobile teams were involved in 40% of successful vet treatments and 48% of other incidents like charcoal burning, human rescue, snare recovery, and human wildlife conflict.

Against poachers, the speedy presence of rangers to inaccessible areas is an invaluable deterrent. For community members, they can be a lifeline, acting as an ambulance service. And for wildlife, they are a desperately needed veil of protection.

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Photo: Jeremy Goss