The first ever Maasai Olympics, created to help eliminate lion hunting from the Maasai culture, organized and partly funded by Big Life Foundation. Featuring Guest of Honor, 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist, David Rudisha.

In 2008, the cultural “fathers” of the new warrior generation asked Maasailand Preservation Trust - now folded into Big Life Foundation - to help them eliminate lion hunting from the Masai culture.

In response to this, MPT/Big Life partnered with the Maasai of Amboseli/Tsavo - to conceive and raise the funding for this first-ever Maasai Olympics, part of the initiative to help to shift the attitudes of the Maasai toward a broader commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation as a preferred way of life in the 21st century.


Video Produced by: Enzimedia Ltd
Director/ D.O.P./ Editor : Kevin Kimathi

By: Immediate Music
Tittle: Crusade
Available on: Internet Archive (Community Audio)


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