240206 Paolo James Lewin

In December, our supporters stepped up to help us protect the Nairrabala corridor, a critical connection point between Amboseli National Park and the conservancies to the north.

The area is used frequently by wildlife, including elephants like Paolo seen here, and by the local community, whose cattle graze there. But it has been at risk of being developed, with major consequences for the whole ecosystem.

Keeping Nairrabala open and protected is critical for the health of the Greater Amboseli ecosystem, and urgent action was needed.

Thanks to our donors, we have been able to take action quickly. We are making progress towards our goals and want to share a brief update on where things stand:  

  • More than a thousand Maasai landowners in Nairrabala have signed conservation leases with Big Life, agreeing to keep the area unfenced and open for wildlife.
  • We’ve started recruitment for a new ranger unit to protect the area.
  • This month, the new rangers will start a 4-week intensive training course at the ranger academy we established in Kimana.
  • We’re procuring a new Land Cruiser to support the new rangers, who will operate as a mobile unit until their outpost is constructed. Information gathered during their initial mobile patrols will help to determine the best location for a permanent outpost.
  • We’re working with local leaders on a conservancy management plan for Olgulului and Nairrabala, to ensure long-term success.

There’s a lot more to do, and we still need your help to keep this critical part of Amboseli protected. We can’t achieve our goal of keeping the wildlife and wild lands of East Africa protected without you. Thank you.

Photo: James Lewin