230331 snare removed from giraffes neck 3While on a routine foot patrol, Big Life rangers noticed something odd. To a casual observer, the male giraffe looked fine. But to a trained ranger, danger lurked. Dangling from his neck was a large and potentially lethal wire snare. It hadn’t yet cut any skin, but it would only be a matter of time before it would tighten and threaten this magnificent creature’s life.

Our Rapid Response Unit monitored the giraffe while the Big Life Radio Room alerted the Sheldrick-funded KWS vet, who immediately set out to help with treatment.

Since the snare hadn’t tightened, medical treatment wasn’t necessary, so the giraffe did not need to be completely sedated. Instead, five grown men worked to keep his head safely on the ground while the wire was cut. For such a large animal, it was no small feat.

Events like this underscore the critical role our ranger teams play in safeguarding the wildlife across this entire ecosystem, 365 days a year, year after year.

230331 snare removed from giraffes neck 2
230331 snare removed from giraffes neckPhotos: Josh Clay