160428 1 1 Something Big Goes Up in Smoke

Everyone is talking about it, and as well they should be. This weekend something big is happening. To be more accurate, something big is going up in smoke, 105 tons of it. 

This Saturday, Kenya will be putting a match to the largest stockpile of ivory to be destroyed in history. To put 105 tons in perspective, an empty Boeing 747 weighs about 180 tons.

The question of course is why? This is a demonstration, a very public one at that, to show the world that Kenya sees absolutely no value in ivory anywhere other than attached to an elephant. And we support this message.

People can argue about the dynamics of ivory supply and demand until they are blue in the face, but while they argue elephants continue to die. We need less talk and more action, and this is as strong an action as we could ask for.

The Kenya Wildlife Service has been kind enough to extend an invitation to some of the Big Life staff and we thank them for this. Keep an eye out for our first-hand account that will follow the event this weekend.

Photo thanks to Kim Granger-Brown