For the first time since Big Life took over management of Kimana Sanctuary back in 2018, we have observed the formation of an elephant supergroup inside its safe boundary. An estimated 100 individual elephants gathered in close proximity to each other, enjoying the lush conditions within the Sanctuary, and each other.

In other parts of Africa, a “supergroup” might be a sign that the animals are stressed and gathering together for safety. But according to our partners at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants, the Amboseli elephants are particularly social and gather in large numbers like this when conditions are right.

While it’s not uncommon to see these gatherings closer to Amboseli National Park (a group of 450 elephants was once recorded together there!), the formation of a supergroup inside Kimana Sanctuary feels like a conservation victory. It’s an opportunity for the elephants to bond, learn from each other, catch up with friends, test rivals, mate, and engage in play. In other words: party!

They obviously feel safe to do so under the watchful eye of Big Life’s rangers across the Sanctuary’s 5,700 acres.

We can’t help but watch awe as they splinter and head off in their own directions again. Many thanks to our partners at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the D.N. Batten Foundation for helping us secure this special place.

Video by Jeremy Goss