230826 International Dog DaySome dogs spend their lives in lofty apartments barking at pigeons, others exist perpetually in pursuit of tennis balls, or waiting semi-patiently for their next meal. But here at Big Life, our tracker dogs do things a little differently.

Throughout their illustrious careers, Bonnie and Clyde have hunted down poachers, discovered hidden caches of ivory, and helped solve multiple thefts and petty crimes. 

In the past few months, they have patrolled over 750 km, assisted in two cases of theft where they led our rangers straight to the stolen items, and helped find two people who had become lost in dense bush. One was a young girl who had strayed a little too far, and the other couldn’t find her way home after being chased by an elephant. Both were found and returned to their families. 

It’s all in a day’s work for our remarkable canine duo! 

Photo: James Suter