151009 1 1 Queen of Ivory Falls

The most dangerous people in the ivory business are the bottom feeders who have risen to the top. They are powerful, and have had the connections and resources to stay ahead of the justice system. Until now. 

In a move affirming a true commitment to tackle the elephant poaching crisis, a specialized investigation unit in Tanzania has caught a woman suspected to be the highest profile ivory trafficker arrested in the country to date. 

Mrs Yang Feng Glan, dubbed the ‘Queen of Ivory’, has been trafficking ivory since at least 2006, working with the most notorious poachers in the country, and is believed to responsible for moving huge amounts of ivory in recent years. 

This woman represents the greed and evil in the ivory trade, and has benefited from the cruel deaths of countless elephants. We hope that she gets a jail sentence that reflects this. Great work and congratulations to all those involved in Tanzania, and we hope that other traffickers fall in her wake.

Photo: Elephant Action League