131108 1 1 Overnight Vigil for Snared Baby Elephant

On Oct. 23, Big Life Foundation-supported rangers from the Burunge Wildlife Management Area in Tanzania received a call from a Lodge about a baby elephant in distress. They immediately reported to the scene and discovered a female elephant, 2-3 years of age, who had her foot caught in a snare. 

The baby's mother stood immediately beside her, which meant that the rangers could not approach the baby and attempt to free her. 

Led by John Magembe, Big Life's Platoon Commander in Tanzania, the rangers stood guard over the elephants right through the afternoon and through the night. 

The following morning, a veterinarian and backup rangers from Tanzania national parks (TANAPA) arrived. They darted both elephants, freed the baby and treated her wounds, and then gave them medication to waken. 

A small operation but a solid success story all around as the mother and daughter disappeared back into the wooded savannah.


Wildlife Protection/Anti-Poaching