Not Just for the Boys

Maasai Olympics 2014 Gi​rls event, sponsored by Chester Zoo

The reasons for lion hunting in the Maasai culture include; popularity, winning leadership positions in the age group, but one of the compelling reasons, is to win girl friends. 

Including girls in the Maasai Olympics is critical as they are one of the reasons warriors head out to kill lions. Girls can influence warrior thinking and behavior. For example, a lion a hunt initiated by the warriors in early 2014 on Rombo was a direct result of the manyatta women berating the warriors for failing to protect their livestock and mocking them saying they were cowards.

By sensitizing the girls to conservation, specifically lion conservation, you give them a voice to speak against lion hunting, among the warriors. The girls will therefore act as an additional layer of persuasion and influence to discourage lion hunting among the warriors --- and that they should instead direct their energy to sports. 

There were two girls events, 100 meters and the 1,500 meters, and they received prizes that were of the same value as the warriors. First position in each event was awarded Kshs. 20,000, position 2 Kshs.15,000 and 3rd position received Kshs. 10,000.

The winners of the 100 meter race were: 

1. Esther Sereya - RGR
2. Nice Silanto - MGR
3. Jackline Namilo - OGR

The winners of the 1,500 meter race were: 

1. Lucy Siliya - RGR
2. Veronicah Leina - RGR
3. Semeyian Mayen - KGR