Are you wondering what we mean when we talk about “land subdivision?” It’s not the simplest thing to explain, but we did our best to boil it down in our newest short film.

Together, we can prevent a shattered landscape.

Amboseli is crossed by ancient lines, paths worn by animals migrating across the landscape in search of food and water. There are no barriers between national parks and community lands, and animals need both to survive.

Now, new lines threaten to strangle Amboseli as land is subdivided into privately-owned plots. The result will be a shattered landscape and a collapse of wildlife populations.

We can prevent this. By leasing their land to Big Life, people earn income and community lands stay open for wildlife. This is working in the Kimana wildlife corridor. Now, we must replicate this across the ecosystem.

Subdivision is spreading rapidly, and we are at a critical turning point. With your help we can protect Amboseli’s wild spaces. Please support us. Donate at


Film Editing & Post-Production: Mieke Vlaming
Cinematography: Oli Caldow, Black Bean Productions
Composer: Zain Wolf
Sound Mixing: Juice Audio
Music Licensing: MamaDance, CAPASSO
Color: Apache Digital
Online Editor: Daniëlle Nel
Graphic Designer: Matthew Griffiths
For Big Life: Nick Brandt, Jeremy Goss, Amy Baird, Kim Schwalb