Our rangers patrol hundreds of thousands of kilometers a year. In an ecosystem as diverse as Amboseli, being able to get around quickly and respond to incidents on demand is a matter of life or death. And tough terrain means keeping our rangers mobile is no small matter. Our ranger vehicles require special modifications to make them bush ready, from roll bars to paint. Quality vehicles that are dependable and able to be maintained by our in-house team of mechanics are a gamechanger.

So we were extremely grateful to our partners at Part Time Rangers for helping to fund a new ranger vehicle for us this year. Battling supply chain issues was an operation in itself, but the newest member of our fleet is now actively patrolling the Kenya-Tanzania border in the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area, covering more ground and having a major impact.

FUN FACT: this part of our area of operation has a very different landscape from the rest of Greater Amboseli, so our new vehicle is tan for better camouflage, rather than the green you see on the rest of our fleet.

Thank you, Part Time Rangers for your ongoing commitment to wildlife conservation in East Africa!