"Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures."

These words from Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day, ring as true today as they did when he said it in 1970. Protecting biological diversity and ecosystems is the fundamental basis for a sustainable and healthy planet for all species.

It will take the collective effort of our entire planet, but our experience in Greater Amboseli has demonstrated that sustainable conservation can be achieved through a community-based, collaborative approach. This approach is at the heart of Big Life’s philosophy: that if conservation supports the people, people will support conservation. 

The Greater Amboseli ecosystem, where Big Life operates, is amongst the richest wildlife areas in all of Africa, with some of the largest remaining “tusker” elephants in the world, which were just recently added to the Endangered species list. We also can’t forget about the critically endangered Eastern black rhinos that live in the Chyulu Hills, as well as an increasing population of vulnerable lions across our area of operation. And while it is easy to focus on the charismatic megafauna of East Africa, protecting species at the top of the ecosystem provides an umbrella of protection for all species living in that same ecosystem. We must protect them all.

But if we do not also preserve their habitat, then all will be for naught. There’s no point in ending poaching if there’s no place left for elephants to live freely and migrate in search of food and water.

To our individual donors, our monthly Ranger Club members, and our many incredible foundation, corporate, and field partners that make protecting the Greater Amboseli ecosystem possible: THANK YOU.  We truly could not do what we do without all of you. 

No matter the step you take - whether it’s donating to a conservation organization like Big Life, committing to offsetting your carbon footprint, or talking to your friends and family about sustainability – today, on Earth Day, it’s something to celebrate.