140228 1 1 Big Life Foundation in Tanzania West Kilimanjaro Zero Elephants Poached in 2013

We’ve all read the terrible numbers. Just in Tanzania alone, up to 10,000 elephants are currently being poached for their ivory every year. Some 66% of the population in the Selous Game Reserve alone has been decimated in the past 4 years. 

But here is one statistic that hasn’t been reported: ZERO.

That’s the number of elephants that were killed in the West Kilimanjaro area that connects with the Amboseli ecosystem.

Big Life Foundation’s anti-poaching program here, with its mobile and tracker dog units under the command of platoon commander John Magembe, has been majorly instrumental in this turnaround. 

West Kilimanjaro serves as a key corridor for elephants between Tanzania and Kenya and the greater West Kilimanjaro-Amboseli ecosystem.

By Jeremy Swanson in Tanzania


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