160730 1 1 Around the World in 60 Days

You’ll count about 2,800 miles driving from one coast of the USA to the other. In the first six months of 2016 Big Life ranger teams patrolled this distance on foot not once, but 8 times.

The vehicle teams have done a cumulative distance of 74,000 miles over that same period, more than three times around the entire earth. 

All of this with one goal: to protect the wildlife and natural habitats of the Amboseli ecosystem, and support the communities that rely on these resources. There are close on 300 rangers in the Big Life network that have dedicated their lives to this cause, but they are part of a much bigger global community.

If you’ve enjoyed a beautiful natural place anywhere in the world, the chances are that someone protects it. You may never get to thank that particular person, but today Big Life joins the world, on World Ranger Day, in recognising these men and women for the collective good that they do.

These people are protecting things that are not replaceable with the latest iphone or the flashiest car, and future generations of humans will live better lives because of it.