210420 Pangolin saved from illegal traffickingRestaurant goers were surprised when they suddenly found themselves in the midst of an intelligence operation that resulted in the arrest of seven men. The men were in possession of a very special and priceless package – a live pangolin.

The pangolin had been captured somewhere in Tanzania, but the men decided that they’d have better chances of selling it across the border in Kenya, in Taveta town. Big Life’s intelligence network caught wind of the seller’s intent and posed as interested brokers. After convincing the traffickers to meet in a “safe” place (in a more populated urban setting, as opposed to a remote farm), the stage was set for the Kenya Wildlife Service to seal the deal and make the arrests.

The suspects will remain in Kenya, where they will go through the proper judicial process. The pangolin on the other hand is making a new life for itself in Tsavo, where KWS deemed it best to release the animal to ensure its future safety.

As our intelligence network continues to grow, so does our success stopping illegal crime and wildlife trafficking. Thank you to all of our supporters for ensuring this work continues.