170421 1 1 Another Big Year

A Note from Richard Bonham, Director of Operations: 

“Every day, I see ‘situation reports’ come in from Big Life’s Radio Room, records of anything of note that has taken place across the Amboseli/Tsavo/Kilimanjaro ecosystem that day. There are on average about 15 reports per day, covering 7300 incidents per year; everything from poaching incidents, arrests made, court case outcomes, lions killing livestock, crop raiding elephants, wildlife movements, registers of broken down vehicles, mileage logs, community outreach reports, conservancy development meetings: the list goes on and on and on.

To compress all these reports into an annual summary of our achievements is a gigantic task, which Big Life’s back-of-house team have managed to pull together. Such a good job, well done to you all.

Of course the people who supply all of this information are the rangers out on the sharp end, and their commitment is evident by a few highlights, such as: an arrest is made every 3 days, rangers patrol an average of 215 kilometers per day on foot, and the vehicles cover an average of 636 kilometers per day. Again, the list goes on.

I often ask myself what would this place would be like if Big Life was not here. Looking at this report, the answer is that it does not bear thinking about. And so we thank each of you who have supported Big Life over the years, both through funding and through partnership, as without you none of this would be happening. Our continued achievements are what give us hope. 

Thank you.”

Big Life's 2016 Annual Report available NOW: http://ow.ly/TJtD30b4lX8