Unlike the proverbial chicken, we know why the gnu crossed the road. Unfortunately, after completing his crossing, this gnu got stuck against a fence before falling into a trench dug for electrical wires.

For millions of years, gnus (commonly known as wildebeest) have navigated rivers, predators, and droughts, their movements driven by the rains and their search for grazing. But fences, roads, and towns now block these historic migrations, slowly strangling wildebeest populations across Africa.

Fortunately, word of the wildebeest’s deadly predicament quickly reached Big Life’s rangers in the area, who responded with their SORALO-supported colleagues and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust-funded KWS Amboseli vet tranquilized the animal to make its rescue safer, and then it was successfully released into a local conservancy to recover.

Human development is necessary. Roads, fences, and farmlands are an inevitable part of this, but nature needs space too, and we are working with local landowners across Amboseli to lease areas that can be kept free of obstructions and keep wildlife safe.

When wildlife strays out of protected areas, as they inevitably do, our rangers will be there to help.

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