131105 1 1 3 Girls to Run 14 Marathons in 14 Days to Raise Funds to Protect Kenyan Wildlife Including for Big Life

The Bushfit Girl’s Great Migration Marathon

400kms, 14 days, 3 determined girls, December 2013

 Covering 400 kms in 14 days: this is the challenge set by Kenyan girls Deborah Beaton, Bena Kaloki, and Ajmeet Bharij, to raise awareness and crucial funds for conservation.

The run aims to raise $175,000 through a grueling journey from the Chyulu Hills, through the Southern Rift Valley near Lake Magadi and then the final push up the steep and challenging slopes of the Nguruman Escarpment before finally dropping down onto the grasslands of the Maasai Mara. 

They will be running the equivalent of a marathon per day, for 14 days. 

Three non-profit organizations being supported through this incredible challenge, one being BIG LIFE FOUNDATION. The aim is to raise $58,000 for Big Life to pay for an Emergency Response Vehicle. 

 Through this incredible feat, the girls hope to raise awareness not only for the crucial role this land plays as a wildlife corridor linking the Amboseli-Tsavo and Maasai Mara ecosystems, but also to curate pride for the land among the local communities who reside in the region. In particular, to increase awareness of the environmental destruction wreaked by charcoal burning, fencing and unsustainable land use methods while advocating for the land’s aesthetic and conservation value. 

The run also calls attention to the urgent need for collaboration among the many wildlife foundations that operate in this area and across Kenya as a whole. Joint collaboration would ensure larger areas of land are more adequately protected. Combined collective efforts could result in greater security and protection of this vital corridor linking two of Kenya’s most famous wildlife areas.


Girl’s Great Marathon: http://charity.bushfit.com    http://facebook.com/bushfitrun

 For donations to Big Life to support the girls please note BushFit Girls Great Migration when donating.