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Rangers across the world face immense challenges daily to defend local wildlife and protected areas, and these essential men and women are often under-paid, under-equipped and under-appreciated. 

Despite the push in technology to aid conservation (e.g. drones, camera traps & tracking chips), the most important “tool” in the “kit” is boots on the ground. Rangers are wildlife’s first line of defense, one that is capable of thought and one that can respond immediately to the first sign of trouble—often at great personal risk.

So, it is for these wildlife warriors that a team of dedicated conservationists and athletes is running the Marathon des Sables—a gruelling 6-day, 250 km adventure race through the Sahara Desert—to raise money and awareness for the welfare of rangers, who risk their lives to protect rhino and elephants in Kenya. 

The Running for Rangers goal is to raise at least $300,000. Please considering supporting this effort, and through this helping to equip rangers from Big Life and other conservation organization in Kenya.

To donate visit runningforrangers.com

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