NEW DESIGN Big Life Merchandise Available for Limited Time

Big Life’s rangers are known for protecting elephants and rhinos. But our programs in Kenya extend beyond anti-poaching. We’ve partnered with FLOAT to feature one of the other iconic species that live, and thrive, in our area of operation: LIONS.

Before Big Life started its predator compensation program, lions were heading for extinction in our ecosystem, due largely to conflict with the local Maasai. Today, this project has played a central role in the dramatic recovery of the local lion population, supported by the work of our partners. As a result, it is one of the few growing lion populations in all of Africa.

Show your support for our predator protection programs in Kenya with this limited edition shirt (or farmer’s market bag), available TODAY until SEPTEMBER 18. $8 from every item purchased will support our critical conservation programs on the ground in East Africa.


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