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It costs millions of dollars per year to fund our programs within the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem. Your donation could help. to pay for any of the following:

$10 covers one ranger's salary and rations for a day.

$150 will pay for an undercover video camera, used to video operations and arrests for evidence.

$250 will pay for the salary and upkeep of one advanced ranger for one month.

$300 will keep the Super Cub plane in the air in Kenya for two hours, to monitor wildlife and look for poaching activity.

$350 will equip and replace equipment for a ranger for one year (e.g., rucksack, sleeping bag, GPS, uniform).

$450 will purchase a camera trap for monitoring of rhinos and surveillance of poachers in the rhino habitat area.

$950 will purchase a one-month supply of thunder flashes and fuel to prevent crop raiding by scaring away animals, and thus mitigate human-wildlife conflict with local communities.

$1,000 will purchase a long distance handheld radio, enabling our rangers to communicate while on patrol.

$1,500 will cover fuel costs of one vehicle for one month of patrols and positioning rangers.

$1,600 will cover 35 hours per month of anti-poaching aerial support and monitoring in Tanzania with the Microlight plane.

$3,000 will cover the costs of maintaining an informer network for one month in Kenya and Tanzania.

$3,000 will pay for one lightweight mobile camping unit, enabling the anti-poaching teams to provide a presence in more remote areas, far from established ranger posts.

$4,000 will pay for a set of night-vision or thermal imaging surveillance equipment. Due to intense anti-poaching patrols during the day, poachers have turned to poaching at night.  

$6,000 will help to cover the cost of tracking prosecutions in the courts. It is essential to follow up on all of the cases that go to trial—a critically important job that seeks to maximize conviction rates and penalties assessed against convicted poachers.

$17,000 will cover the costs of building and opening a new patrol post for eight rangers.

$20,000 will pay for one year’s salary and training of a squad of eight anti-poaching scouts, each with equipment for patrols, including handheld radios, uniforms, binoculars, GPS, and cameras.

$57,000 will cover the cost of a new, fully-equipped anti-poaching vehicle that can provide wildlife security for over 150,000 acres of wilderness.

$80,000 will pay for the annual upkeep and operations of both sets of tracker dogs in Kenya and Tanzania, including food, veterinary care, and the accompanying dog handlers’ salaries. 

$150,000 will pay for the construction of a 25 km fence near the Kenya-Tanzania border—a solution to the daily crop raiding by elephants of the ever-increasing farmland in the area. This would both protect the elephants and stop the spread of the farmland into precious wildlife territory.




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