Your donation, regardless of size, makes a meaningful impact on the ground. Each year, Big Life Foundation must raise millions of dollars to fulfill our annual budget, which enables the protection of wildlife and wild lands in East Africa.

Here are some examples of the types of program expenses Big Life covers each year:


$65 – Monthly ranger’s rations
$215 - Monthly ranger’s salary
$230 – Annual ranger’s uniform
$435 – Monthly ranger unit’s rations
$500 – Smart phone or GPS unit
$2,400 – Monthly ranger unit’s salaries
$10,000 – Monthly Rapid Deployment Unit operations
$20,000 – Ranger outpost construction
$25,000 – Annual Tracker Dog Unit operations
$30,000 – Annual fuel and maintenance costs for one plane
$62,000 – Anti-poaching vehicle
$290,000 – Annual fuel and maintenance costs for entire Big Life vehicle fleet


$8 – Annual conservation lease fee for 1 acre of land in Kimana Corridor
$100,000 – Annual Kimana Sanctuary operating costs, including ranger salaries and lease fees
$142,000 – Annual conservation lease fees paid to landowners in Kimana Corridor


$14 – One student’s conservation education experience, Amboseli National Park field trip
$62 – One visit by a backpack nurse into a remote village
$250 – Monthly teacher’s salary
$250 – Annual primary school student scholarship
$550 – One mobile health clinic
$830 – Annual secondary school student scholarship
$5,000 – Annual tertiary school student scholarship