Current Outposts

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Outpost details Kimana Base (Bravo Kilo 1)

East of Amboseli National Park, a key wildlife dispersal area linking Amboseli and Tsavo. There is a community-owned wildlife sanctuary here where this outpost is based.

Outpost details Ilmarba Base (Bravo Oscar 1)

Always a hot spot for elephant poaching, on the edge of the Kitenden Wildlife corridor, linking Amboseli with Mount Kilimanjaro. Works closely with Big Life Tanzania outposts on cross border-issues.

Outpost details Rombo Base (Bravo Romeo 1)

To south east of Amboseli, close to the Tsavo, the furthest out of all the Big Life Outposts and the busiest in terms of elephant and bush
meat poaching.

Outpost details Osewan Base (Bravo Oscar 3)

Set in a huge, critical dispersal area west of Amboseli National Park for elephant in the wet seasons.

Outpost details Esiteti Base (Bravo Oscar 2)

Covers an important corridor for elephant and other wildlife that disperses into the west Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania from Amboseli National Park in Kenya. This outpost works very closely with the Big life Tanzania teams, and cross-border issues.

Outpost details Ol Narika (funded by AWF, managed by Big Life)

This area is heavily used by Amboseli wildlife throughout the year, east of Amboseli Park, important corridor to Chyulu Hills.

Outpost details Killitome / Tawi (funded by AWF, managed by Big Life)

Just outside Amboseli National Park on eastern side, key position for securing one side of the Amboseli-Kimana corridor.

Outpost details Nelepo (funded by AWF, managed by Big Life)

Set in the middle of Amboseli- Kimana corridor.

Outpost details Osobuku (funded by AWF, managed by Big Life)

Set in the Amboseli- Kimana corridor where it joins Kimana sanctuary.

Outpost details Chyulu Base a.k.a Kona Tatu (Bravo Mike 5)

Set in the lower slopes of the Chyulu Hills on the border of Chyulu National Park.

Outpost details Lima Rhino Base

Provides security for the remnant population of Black Rhino
in western Chyulu.

Outpost details Tracker Dog Unit

The base for the tracker dog team.

Outpost details Mbirikani Mobile One

Based centrally at Mbirikani village, this is the base for the rapid reaction unit.

Outpost details Ol Donyo Wuas H.Q

HQ for all Big Life operations and administration/communications centre.

Outpost details Elerai Observation Post

On the edge of the Kitenden Wildlife corridor linking Amboseli with Mount Kilimanjaro. Works closely with Big Life Tanzania outposts on cross-border issues.


Outpost details Ngasurai

Western Kilimanjaro. Zonal HQ, Strategically placed with access to open large plains to the east.

Outpost details Embolay

West Kilimanjaro. Elephants move into the area October-May, strategically positioned due to high poaching in the area.

Outpost details Narco

Between Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, the furthest south ranger post in the entire area of Big Life operations.

Outpost details Sinya

South of Kenya border, Northwest Kilimanjaro, strategically positioned to cover the Kenya border and western section of the Kitanden corridor. Key elephant area and high tourism value.

Outpost details Kitanden

North Kilimanjaro

Outpost details Irikaswa (Nyuki)

East of the Kitanden corridor, Kilimanjaro National Park to the south. The ranger post is the
highest altitude Ranger Post at 5600m.

Outpost details Tanzanian Dog Unit

Dog unit of 4 kennels and ranger post.

Outpost details Ol Molog HQ

The administrative center of operations.