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Big Life Predator Compensation Fund Film (3 mins)

A three-minute film outlining Big Life's efforts to protect lions and other predators, and the remarkable success our compensation fund has created.



In a battle against spears and poison, lions lose. As do cheetahs, leopards and all the other predators of Africa’s plains.

Back in 2003, on the Maasai lands around Mt. Kilimanjaro in Kenya, the situation was desperate. The fate of the remaining few lions was just about sealed.

And then, in one of the most encouraging successes of modern conservation, a last-ditch solution was found that Big Life is successfully implementing to this day. This is the future, the forefront of creating co-existence, however uneasy, between human beings and wild Africa.

Please watch the 3 minute film to find out how it happened, what Big Life is doing to , and how you can help.

(Film directed by Nick Brandt; edited by Zen Rosenthal of General Editorial; written by Tom Hill; footage by Nick Brandt, Kire Godal, Andrew Lang; music by Michael Stearns.)