Ole Kirimbai, Community Advisor, Tanzania

Ole Kirimbai is a Maasai and was born in Tanzania on the slopes of Mt. Meru. He grew up as a child looking after his father’s cattle in and around the forests that is now occupied the sprawling town of Arusha. This fostered a child that has an affinity with nature and for the rest of his career until today; Kirimbai has been a conservationist and worked with nature in some way or another.

He went to Mweka Wildlife College, graduating in 1973, then immediately set of on his life as a conservationist. He joined the Tanzania Wildlife Department and was seconded to the Anti-poaching Unit, Northern Zone. After 12 years as an anti-poaching officer, Kirimbai became a camp manager and during those times hosted a number of prominent people including the Ex US President Jimmy Carter and Prince Charles. In 1992 he joined Sokwe, a high-end safari company and became a professional safari guide. He became known as one of the best professional guides in Tanzania. However a passion is a passion, and his memories of his anti-poaching days constituted the majority of his campfire tales.

In 2007 the Honeyguide Foundation was formed and Kirimbai offered to join. He is now the Chairman of the Foundation. When BIG LIFE contacted Honeyguide and asked if we would partner with them on the protection of wildlife in the Amboseli Kilimanjaro Ecosystem, Kirimbai’s dreams returned. He is now in charge of overseeing all operations of the BIG LIFE protection project, and with his background and contacts from all his years, is a respected and trusted leader.